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Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility
While rapid development of enterprises,
DEISS elevator (CHINA) Co., Ltd. always forget enterprises to shoulder a major social responsibility and brand mission,
And always adhere to the road of development of the enterprise,
For employees, for the industry, for our customers, and provide a solid brand strength belong.
Focus on technology research and development to promote the development of the industry
DEISS adhere to the technical development for the brand Jiren, and actively promote the technological development of the domestic elevator industry, and create new technology standard of domestic elevator industry. In the manufacture of more and better quality elevator products, but also willing to lift DEISS brand itself within a shared technological achievements and industry, and promote China's elevator industry belongs to a new development.
Intention to serve the community and create a harmonious convenient
Customer first, to society as the first, is the service standard DEISS elevator always established. Meanwhile DEISS elevator products are more and more customers love, we will always remember corporate responsibility, intentions entire community, as more consumers harmonious convenient comfort.
Concerned about environmental protection achievements healthy environment
DEISS strict selection of raw materials in line with international standards of production equipment; and in strict accordance with international environmental standards for all of its products. In addition, the Days constantly develop technology innovation in the energy and environmental protection, a leading international energy-saving materials and processing model, not only to create a more healthy environment for our customers experience more environmental cause of human contribution to the brand's strength.

Promote people-oriented build human feelings
DEISS advocate internal human feelings, know that business development is inseparable from the support staff. DEISS adhere to the people-oriented, concerned employees own technical refreshing and capacity development, and respect each employee's own needs, and a special House staff to facilitate the lives of employees, entertainment and socializing.
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