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DEISS Passenger Elevator, small room passenger elevator to no room passenger elevator, all with a variety of options to meet the installation needs of different occasions. Whether for business or residential home office can be fully satisfied.

Effective & intellectual with safe guarantee

Outstanding performance control system ensures reliable system. It increases comfortable travel and leveling accuracy. Use of variable frequency technology enhances the elevators' running efficiency and saves energy.

Perfect design,effective life

DEISS machine roomless passenger elevator, with an environment concern, saves energy and reduces the consumption, save the construction area and increases the freeness of designers,thereby fully reflect the idea of environment friendly culture. Compared with the gearwheel elevators with the same load capacity, machine roomless elevators save 25% electricity and 10% of construction are. DEISS machine roomless passenger elevator has broken through the prerequiste that machine rooms must be available for elevator, providing limitless possibilities of creation for the limited space of modern construction.

More intellectual and comfortable

Main control system platform with brand-new development is safe and concise with super-strong anti-interference design. Powerful data operation capacity, reliability and stability are unique and incomparable.

It surpasses high-tech and the world
Terminal reduces stroke technology and buffer stroke ensure safe and comfortable passenger elevator. Car structure with arc cowling reduces wind drag,reinforces comfortable travel. Combined car wall connection warrants mute effect and air pressure stability. Shock-absorbing device greatly enhances stable and comfortable travel.

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