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      Founded in American Utah State in 1980, DEISS Company supplies connectors and solution plans for automobiles, electric home appliances and factories.It set up DEISS ELEVATOR (USA) INC in 1983. DEISS Company always keeps the concept of "safe arrival because of high quality". Over 30 years, it devotes itself to researching into, developing, manufacturing,installing, repairing,maintaining,renewing,transforming transport systems such as elevator,escalator,moving walk etc. The products share 21% of American markets. DEISS Company establishes more than 80 branches in Britain, India, Indonesia and so on . It designs the reasonable transport solution plans for vast global contractros.

In 2013,DEISS Company enters into China by intellectual control technology,the first-class quality.It sets up broad branches as well.

In 2015,DEISS Company establishes Joint Venture DEISS Elevator (CHINA) CO.,Ltd. in China.

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